The innovative gyroscopic hand, wrist, and forearm exercise machine you can take with you ANYWHERE!

Small, compact, and capable of providing serious resistance training. This innovative new exercise machine will allow you to exercise and work-out anywhere.

Introducing the NSD® Spinner. Don’t let the small size fool you. Pick one up, spin it up to 10,000+ RPM and you’ll be amazed by the amount of physical work required to keep it spinning at speed, using such a small compact motion. Go ahead, feel the burning forearm after a minute of use. Because the resistance is provided by angular momentum built up through a spinning mass, a few minutes a day on our Spinner can be equivalent to hours of full motion work with a dumbbell or a curl.

For athletes, amateur and professional alike, strong grip and forearm provide the ultimate in power, speed, and control in just about everything you do. Be it golf, tennis, baseball, football, or just about any sport that involves the use of hands and arms, using the NSD Spinner will allow you to hit it harder, hit it faster, and hit it straighter.

A minute a day is all it takes. Give it a spin!